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Golf Academy

What Will You Discover?

What Will You Discover?

Expert Instruction

Our synchronized approach of individually tailored instruction in tandem with meticulously designed learning environments renders radically effective results.

Play to Learn

Our campers experience authentic ownership of their skills by engaging with our extensive catalog of on-course, practice, and situational awareness games.

Holistic Approach

We emphasize and coach the human skills and performance art that are inseparable aspects of functional golf.

Discovergolf App

Our proprietary coaching platform serves as both a feature-rich platform progressing our students through golf’s eight core skills and network of aspirational athletes and coaches.

Camp Layout

Bittersweet Golf Club course layout

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1 - On Course

50% of our training is done on the golf course. Learning to transfer your skills on the course is the most important skill in golf!

2 - Short Game

Flops, pumps, nips, skippers and the complete arsenal of short game weaponry is on our display as our juniors are constantly challenged to invent and deploy a complete repertoire of shots.

3 - Fitness

Developing a strong physical foundation through movement practice is a core tenant of our coaching philosophy. Everyday at camp you’ll find our junior athletes throwing, kicking, running, and jumping their way to a more capable and confident body!

4 - Full Swing

Our expert will use the latest in swing analyzing technologies and our proprietary driving range “targetzone” configurations to create a high fidelity learning area for all things ball stricking.

5 - Putting

Our putting stations have games for learning the line, speed, and green reading skills our juniors need to be masters of the flatstick.

Expert Instruction

Professional golf coach
Dramatically improve your game with laser focused coaching

Our expert staff is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced coaching staffs in the industry. The vast majority of our coaches have played the game at the professional level, creating a unique prism through which our technical knowledge can resonate in the most salient way possible.

Instructor standing in sand trap
Grounded in sound scientific principles

Although our students will never know it, our staff uses the lastest in scientifically confirmed concepts that are rooted in the biomechanics and kinetic principles that govern the golfing motion. We take on the job of synthesizing these concepts into easy- to -grasp "feels" , analogies, and the child - like metaphors as our ultimate job and the height of one's coaching acumen.

DiscoverGolf logo and product screenshots
End to communication

A major pitfall of many golf camps is the inconsistency of swing advice and coaching messages. At DiscoverGolf camps we boast dynasty teams that have been together for 5+ years allowing total synergy in the way we solve each player’s unique swing puzzle. We also use our proprietary DiscoverGolf app to record, share, and track valuable swing capture and data. This real-time communication stream allows the entire support system to stay on the same page and continue to progress the student with every appropriately contextualized coaching intervention.

Golf instruction tech overview
Best tools; best results

Our expert staff is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced coaching staffs in the “If you cant measure it, you cant fix it” is a quote that in many ways encapsulates our coaching ethos. We are ardent supporters of the utilization of the game’s most current game analyzing tools and proudly use Trackman, Flightscope, SAM Puttlab, Blast Motion, Swing Catalyst Pressure mats, and much more to both assist and inform our coaching work flow. DiscoverGolf campers can expect to have their data discreetly captured on Day 1, with subsequent drills/ challenges/ and quests sent to their DiscoverGolf account serving to best address their needs. Graduation day will be that much sweeter when campers reflect on the impressive progress shown on their "before and after comparisons!"

Play to Learn

DiscoverGolf screenshot
4 Kinds of fun

Above all else, golf is a game, and even when observing its most fiercely difficult components we honor its gameful qualities. And like any game, we seek its most endearing qualities of FUN as a programming compass. We have come to believe that a successful golf learning experience crafts experiences that promote 4 kinds of fun (serious, social, easy, hard ). Toggling back and forth between these states allows our juniors to amplify the effects of deliberate practice by buffering the intensity with more light-hearted activity. This kind of spaced practice is verified by scientific research as the most effective way to learn new tasks and allows our students to feel both the sense of accomplishment after overcoming hard tasks while making sure to create opportunity for new friendships and plenty of laughs!

The E.X.P.E.R.T. Model screenshot
Constraints based coaching; beachball golf

Adam Scott, one of golf’s all-time greats was taught as follows: start with hitting a beachball; progress to tennis ball; advance to whiffle ball; graduate to golf ball. This is an example of Constraints Led Coaching, a methodology that promotes self-organized learning through the interaction of age and skill appropriate constraints (or obstacles). We are fervent believers in this coaching philosophy and espouse it virtues through the meticulous preparation of our learning environments. This applies to both the intensive care that goes into the initial setup and the training each DiscoverGolf coach goes through to deliver high- fidelity gameplay to players of all ages and skill sets.

Golfers behind DiscoverGolf logo
Engagement is a prerequisite for learning

It seems simple enough, but it is our opinion that most summer golf camps don’t adhere to the golden rule of engagement - first coaching. At any given moment we can present the most factually accurate swing and game improving synopsis to any of our players. However, if presented in the “adult code” of analytic language the message’s intensity is sure to be lost amidst the horrified boredom of our young athlete. The good news is that the SAME coaching message can be taught through the player’s experience of particular games. Our trove of 500+ learning games have been rigorously tested with thousands of junior golfers and are incredibly effective at increasing enthusiasm for the game and encouraging emergent skill development.

DiscoverGolf App

DiscoverGolf screenshot
Leveraging the psychology of video games

The absorbing nature of video games stems from their ability to provide feedback for actions that feel both meaningful and under our immediate control. The winding road towards golf improvement often leaves apathetic journeymen on the side of the road as it perpetually ensnares its players in a sea of vagaries. Questions relating to where one stands in relation to what is normatively "good" and actionable steps within a coherent progression narrative are nowhere to be found in the real world. The oasis that is our digital training space provides players with crystal clear feedback on each action they take as well as the provision of intelligently designed programming to be applied in and out of class.

DiscoverGolf screenshot
Features for every player type

Video game scholarship has discerned that there are 4 types of players within most game ecosystems (killers, achievers, socializers, explorers). Although we frown on the verbiage of "killers" the classification is a robust finding that has proven to be a salient lens through which we can describe user journeys within our system. To address the demands of each player we have created a digital world that allows the management of friendly competition ( Battle Zone ) , custom game design by the player for submission into the class's curriculum ( GameBuilder ), Daily/ Weekly /Monthly XP Point Leaderboards, as well as custom creation of level- goal hierarchies.

It is one of our most prideful claims that we offer a truly humanistic approach to golf coaching, subscribing to serve as wise and steady counselors to our students as well as collaborators and promoters of our student's vision for their future selves.

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